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CDE of the Year Award Program

2019 CDE of the Year in Branches

ADEA is proud to congratulate recipients of the following CDE of the Year in branch awards, who also received a $1,000 scholarship towards their education.

The winner of the CDE of the year will be announced during Australian Diabetes Congress 2019 on 23 August 2019.

CDE of the Year in ACT: Michelle Angove

ACT Health Diabetes Services

I became a CDE after my son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I wanted to learn as much as I could to support him. I understood the challenges he had and wanted to use this experience to help other young people and their families in the same situation.

My mentor Di Roberts, was also an inspiration who worked tirelessly with children and young families and I hoped I could work in a similar way.

I was caring for a young lady who had elevated blood glucose levels due to Gestational Diabetes. The Endocrine Registrar had recommended she commence insulin however she had a needle phobia and became extremely upset as she did not know how she was going to manage injecting herself. Taking the time the listen to her fears and providing information about changing the way she thought about injections helped her successfully manage her Gestational Diabetes.

I often think about the education sessions I facilitate for clients. I am presently working within the ACT Diabetes and Pregnancy Team and there are a significate number of women who have English as a second language. My goal is to provide very clear information on Gestational Diabetes to these women so they can better understand and manage their condition.

I attend Jazzercise classes 5 days a week and love it.

CDE of the Year in NSW: Lesley Wilcox

Marathon Health

I have been involved in diabetes education since the late 1980’s when I started to assist Jocelyn Jacques. Jocelyn was a very early diabetes educator who was based in Dubbo to provide the Children’s Diabetes Outreach Clinics and provided clinical support to kids with diabetes and their families closer to home. I have had a love of being involved in client education. I was the first Clinical Nurse Consultant in NSW for Patient Education and involvement in diabetes education seemed a natural progression.

The people who have inspired me to continue in the field of diabetes education have been the wonderful clients with diabetes and their families I have met along the way.

I feel strongly about how the progress in diabetes management has become more complex with the introduction of more medications and tools to support self-care.  I believe in an overall client quality of life. I also look forward to having more resources being made available to looking at the effects of hypoglycaemia in individuals with Type 2 diabetes, especially in the area of flash glucose monitoring.

I would be lost without my husband Rob and girls Keira and Morgan, who have put up with long work hours and interruptions to shopping from aisle consultations.

CDE of the Year in Queensland: Patrick Chan

TerryWhite Chemmart Clifton Beach

I was inspired to become a CDE as my wife, having twice experienced gestational diabetes, required me to care for her. I wanted to equip myself with diabetes management skills in the event she was to develop type 2 diabetes permanently.


As a result of being a carer for my wife during her pregnancies, I am able to better empathise with my clients. I understand their frustration and anxiety, as I experienced it first-hand. We are also fortunate to have so many options for medications now with more possibilities to best match clients’ lifestyles.


I would like to thank & acknowledge many teams of people from across Cairns – my colleagues from Terry White Clifton Beach and the Mulungu Management Team. They have been a great inspirations to me to become a better CDE for the community.

CDE of the Year in SA: Angela Llewellyn

Diabetes Care and Coaching

I was inspired by my daughter with type 1 diabetes (T1D) to become a diabetes educator. I am passionate about diabetes and in particular young adults with type 1 and Aboriginal / Torres Strait Islander people with diabetes.


I enjoy working with young adults and they inspire me to be innovative in my teaching to help them achieve and manage better. In recent years, it is the discovery of older people with T1D who have been lost in the system, that have caught my attention. I have worked with many health practices to help put them back in a system of care as well as updating and educating them, thus improving their management and quality of life. 


In the 2014 senate enquiry in the Kimberley region, I advocated on behalf of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with diabetes advising of the inadequate and unsatisfactory conditions they were experiencing and potential solutions to rectify the situation. Since then, I have been involved with developing the competencies for diabetes education for health workers and a skill set of diabetes education for TAFE. I am currently involved in filming Aboriginal/ Torres Strait Islander diabetes stories that will compliment video resources being developed by South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute.


Interesting fact: I am ambidextrous as a result of breaking my right arm 4 times as a kid on roller skates and I still skate at age 64 years and skate with my grandchildren!

CDE of the Year in Tasmania: Melinda Mus

Royal Hobart Hospital Diabetes Centre

I have a great passion for Insulin Pump Therapy and Continuous Glucose Monitoring and diabetes and pregnancy. I feel privileged to have been at the birth of some of these precious babies.

More recently, I have had the privilege to work as Research Coordinator in the Adult Multi-Centre Hybrid Closed Loop clinical trial with an amazing research group headed by Professor David O’Neal.

I have been fortunate to have had many significant moments in the course of my 23 year career working as a diabetes educator. One of the most memorable is a 7 day trip walking the Overland Track with 5 teenagers with Type 1 Diabetes.

CDE of the Year in Victoria: Andrea Curtis

Gippsland Southern Health Service and Diabetes Self-Management 4 Life

I have been a CDE for 18 years. My inspiration to become a CDE began while working in a Paediatric ward. The fear of surviving a new diagnosis of type 1 diabetes outside the hospital walls was very real. The commitment and advocacy of these families inspired me to make a difference to their journey.


My passion for a personalised client experience is driven by wanting access to excellent care for rural communities. Developing a multi-disciplinary Children’s Diabetes Service and a remote model of care supporting management during pregnancy have facilitated this.

My most rewarding work includes coaching clients who have lost faith in themselves to achieve their own health and personal goals.


I am an accomplished artist and love horse riding, water skiing and swimming in the ocean.

CDE of the Year in WA: Mahnaz Aghabozorgi

Fiona Stanley Fremantle Hospitals Group


I am an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and CDE. I have worked across a variety of settings and cultures both overseas and in Perth, including regional and metropolitan districts and tertiary hospitals. In 1994, I started my career as a dietitian in a diabetes research and treatment centre in Iran. I worked with various health professionals who assisted clients with their diabetes management. This was a great inspiration to me and motivated me to become a dietitian specialising in diabetes.

I strongly believe in teamwork in diabetes management. This is put into practice when a client faces complex health issues which often results in rapidly deteriorated health, often leading to urgent medical intervention. I give my clients extra and ongoing support and involve the other members of the diabetes team to ensure that appropriate care is provided. I work closely with my diabetes team to deliver services that not only address the educational needs of people with diabetes but also their emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Together as a team, we developed and regularly deliver specialised diabetes programs such as technology/insulin pump and CGMs program and Type I diabetes advanced educational program (SMaRT1E Program). The SMaRT1E Program won the 2013 WA Health Awards for Excellence in Empowering Patients category and the Director Generals Award.

I have great respect for individuals with diabetes and their families. They are challenged with complex and multiple factors when incorporating diabetes self-care in their daily life. I think about their emotional wellbeing and the burden, challenges and struggles that they go through in order to effectively manage their condition and achieve optimal outcomes.

I like writing and like to write poems in Farsi/Persian (my mother language).


About CDE of The Year

Credentialled Diabetes Educators (CDEs) are Australia’s ‘go to’ qualified healthcare specialists for people with diabetes. They are healthcare practitioners qualified to provide a personalised approach to diabetes education and care. They work with other healthcare practitioners and provide services to people with diabetes, empowering and assisting them in dealing with daily self-management. Recognition as a CDE is an assurance to you that these healthcare practitioners will provide high-quality diabetes education and expert advice to help people with diabetes do the hard work of staying well every day.

The CDE of the Year award program is designed to recognise and honour outstanding achievement and contribution of CDEs in the provision of high-quality diabetes education and expert support for people living with diabetes. This award program is run by the Australian Diabetes Educators Association and financially supported by Eli Lilly.

Each state and territory will have a winner and from this group, a national winner will be selected to receive the prestigious ‘Jan Baldwin National CDE of the Year’ title. State winners will receive a $1,000 scholarship and the national winner will receive $5,000 scholarship and the opportunity to speak at the 2020 Australasian Diabetes Congress.

CDE of the Year Judging Panel

Nominations will be reviewed by the following members of the CDE of the Year Judging Panel:

Selection criteria

The Panel will give consideration to the following selection criteria when reviewing nominations:

Frequently asked questions

How can people with diabetes submit their nominations?

We accept nominations from people with diabetes and this year we use the same nomination template for both health professionals and people with diabetes.

The nomination form is available here

You can also download the sample here

Are there hard copy forms people with diabetes can complete? Or how do they access the online nomination process?

It would be best if all nomination forms are submitted via our template on SurveyMonkey so that we can manage them better.
People with diabetes can go to to submit their nominations
Alternatively, this URL is also available in the sample:

Do people with diabetes have access to the ADEA website?

ADEA website has public pages available for people with diabetes to access at
Information on CDE of the Year award program is available here:
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All of these pages are publically available.

How do we alert people with diabetes to the nomination process?

It’s best if you can share information about the award program to your network of people with diabetes, peers and colleagues.
The best webpage is where they can find the process, nomination form and sample.