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2015 CDE of the Year Award Program

Jan Baldwin National CDE of the Year

Dr Kate Marsh_Jan Baldwin National CDE of the YearThe inaugural Jan Baldwin National CDE of the Year award, aimed at profiling the leading CDE and acknowledging their extraordinary contributions in the community of people with diabetes and diabetes education, was presented to Kate Marsh (NSW) at the recent ADS/ADEA Annual Scientific Meeting.

As both a Credentialled Diabetes Educator and an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian, Kate generously shares her expertise with ADEA as Chair of the Clinical Practice Committee, a member of the ADEA/ADS Medical Education Scientific Advisory Group and recently as Editor of the ADE publication.

Outside of ADEA, she is Co-chair of the DAA National Diabetes Interest Group and a member of the Diabetes Management Journal (DMJ) editorial board. Kate is a board member of Diabetes Counselling Online and the Australasian Society for Lifestyle Medicine. She is also a regular contributor to the Diabetic Living Magazine and The Limbic Diabetes Educator.
Kate works in private practice in Sydney, and having had type 1 diabetes herself for more than 30 years, is able to provide her clients with a real understanding of the issues faced in the day to day management of diabetes.

Recipients of the awards in branches

ADEA is proud to congratulate recipients of the following CDE of the Year in branch awards:

CDE of the Year in ACT

 Lynelle Boisseau

Lynelle Boisseau

CDE of the Year in NSW

Kate Marsh

Dr Kate Marsh

CDE of the Year in NT


Gregory Solomon, aka SoLi

CDE of the Year in Queensland

 Rene Hinton

Rene Hinton

CDE of the Year in SA

 Marianne Lambert_2

Marianne Lambert

CDE of the Year in Tasmania

 Andrea Radford

Andrea Radford

CDE of the Year in Victoria

 Anna Ottenfeld_1

Anna Ottenfeld

CDE of the Year in WA

 Rebecca McPhee

Rebecca McPhee

Panel of Judges

The award winners were selected by a Panel of Judges including:

The Panel gave consideration to the following selection criteria when reviewing nominations:

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