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Website FAQ

Website FAQ

Q:    What is a web subscriber and how do they join ADEA?

A:    As ADEA increases the frequency of events and other activities which can be attended by non-members, it will become more important that we have some knowledge of people interested in ADEA activities.  Online transactions require an email address, and any notifications and follow-up would be by email address.  Thus we ask those who wish to be involved with ADEA to give a basic form of contact and some personal details.

It is important to note that web subscribers are not members of ADEA, but we would hope that their initial involvement and interest could lead to membership.

Also, if a web subscriber logs in, they do not get access to member only content.

Q:   Why can’t I log in using a username and password as previously?

A:    The decision was made to require login by using the member’s email address which is registered with ADEA as part of individual membership details because that gave a greater level of security for members, it is easier to remember and it prevents duplicates.  This also means that there is consistency of access to the website, so should a web subscriber join as a member their login process does not change.

Q:   My email address is my work email – how can I login from home?

A:    You can login on any computer by using your registered email address and password.  It does not have to be the computer you use for your emails.

Q:   What happens if I change my work or my personal email address?

A:    You simply login using the registered email address, go to ‘My details’, and update your email address accordingly.  Once you have ‘saved’ this change, you then login with this new email address.

Q:   What happens if I forget my password – can ADEA send me a new one as before?

A:    The new system contains a facility to generate new passwords on request, and email it to the member.  This enhances security as no one else can get access to a password.

There is also a facility to change passwords; it is advisable to do this regularly especially if usage is in a work environment, where the possibility of passwords being compromised is higher.

Q:   When I request a new password, why doesn’t it come immediatley?

A:    The new system issues and sends the new password immediatley.  However most email systems only check for incoming mail at set intervals, and the usual default for this 30 minutes.  That means it could be up to 30 minutes before your receive the meail with the new password.

Q:   I entered my details but when I check the ‘Find a CDE’ function my clinic does not appear.  Why?

A:    There are two important points for CDEs to note.  Firstly, CDEs must provide their own clinic data, and secondly, it does not matter if you are in public or private practice because the objective of this function is to enable diabetes educators and clinics to be located.

Access the ‘My clinics’ option within the ‘My details’ section from the Members Navigation Bar.  Then follow the instructions for completing clinic information.  For the first clinic to be listed, the screen will show ‘No items to list’, with a button marked ‘Add clinic’. Click on this button, and then fill in the information as appropriate.  At the foot of the screen will be a button marked ‘Agree’ which you should select, and then the screen will be represented.  This is for you to confirm the Information you just entered.  Once one clinic is confirmed, further clinics may be entered as appropriate.  Once all clinic data is entered, the system will return to the ‘My details’ page, and a check box will appear. Please click on the check box giving your approval for your name to be presented to the public.  If you do not check this box, then your clinic will be inaccessible by the ‘Find a CDE’ function.