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ADEA Fellowship

ADEA is very excited to announce the addition of the ADEA Fellowship in 2017.

The addition of ADEA Fellowship to membership awards is an opportunity for ADEA to identify and elevate the significance of the award and institute appropriate recognition.  A gap was recognised by the ADEA Board for long term members with extensive experience, who may not have mechanisms that identify their achievements.  The Fellowship category of membership is voluntary and provides recognition that is both individually and externally focused.

Fellowship benefits include:

Members eligible to apply for ADEA Fellowship:

The ongoing recognition as a Fellow of ADEA will be dependent on the maintenance of the individual’s CDE status.

Fellowship annual fee of $20 applies.

To apply for recognition as an ADEA Fellow, please complete the Application Form

2017 Fellowship Application Form


The ADEA Board has been making efforts to increase the value and recognition of CDEs, in line with the Strategic Plan, and having a Fellowship program that provides external recognition for expertise and contribution, through the use of post-nominal aligns with the current and new strategic plans.