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Full membership


A person who is a Health Professional engaged in providing services, including services in education, management, training, research and public health, for the benefit of people affected by diabetes.  Health care professionals whose position description require that they dedicate a significant time of their role to providing diabetes education and care are invited to join the Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA) as full ADEA members.


Full ADEA members have access to the ADEA members’ website, receive the Australian Diabetes Educator and are entitled to membership discounts when ordering ADEA publications or joining events.

Full ADEA members can participate in ADEA elections and hold Branch or National Office Bearer positions.

Achieving and maintaining recognition as a Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE) is a benefit available to financial full ADEA members who meet the criteria of the Credentialling Program and Re-Credentialling Program.

All applications are subject to the approval of the ADEA National Board.

Membership renewal

Electronic only renewal reminders will be forwarded before membership expiry. Membership renewal is available online.

Membership cost

Effective from Friday 1 July 2017, combined joining and membership fee for full ADEA members is $409.00 (includes GST). Annual renewal fee for full ADEA members is $291 (includes GST).

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To apply for full ADEA membership, please click here