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Professional recognition program

ADEA_CDEThe ADEA Credentialling Program is a professional development and recognition program. These program was established in 1986 when the first ADEA accredited courses in diabetes education were introduced. Credentialling is a benefit for an ADEA member with full membership status.

Diabetes educators who meet all the requirements of the Credentialling Program are recognised for their commitment to ongoing professional development and for their knowledge, skills, expertise and experience in the field of diabetes education by being awarded status as a Credentialled Diabetes Educators (CDE). Credentialled Diabetes Educators who meet the Re-Credentialling criteria can apply to have their CDE status renewed annually.

The CDE status symbolises high professional standards of practice and those who are awarded with this status specialise in the provision of high quality diabetes education. ADEA is committed to promote the value and credibility of the CDE status through the following:


ADEA Fellowship

This recognition category of longevity and experience as a Credentialled Diabetes Educator, approved by the ADEA Board in 2016 and implemented in 2017, acknowledges those CDEs who have committed to their career in diabetes education for a minimum of 15 years and have retained their CDE status over this time. For further information on ADEA Fellowship and application details, follow this link: ADEA Fellowship.