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By laws

The Australian Diabetes Educators Association’s (ADEA’s) By-laws (By-laws) sets out the details of the structures, governance, processes, roles and responsibilities of the National Board of Directors. The By-laws also determines the aim of ADEA and the functions and governances of Branches and Branch Executive. The By-laws is divided in out Sections (Clauses) under five (5) By-laws (Headings):

  1. Branches
  2. Elections of Branch Executives, and Directors and Office Bearers of the Board
  3. Written Board Resolutions
  4. Credentialled Diabetes Educator Program
  5. Complaints and Disciplinary Action

In the interpretation of the By-laws, except where explicitly excluded by context, words and phrases have the same meanings as those used and defined in the Constitution.

The ADEA recommends that all members familiarise themselves with the By-Laws. The By-laws must be read in conjunction with the Constitution.