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ADEA relies on the support of volunteers (many of whom are ADEA Members) to assist us in achieving our goals.

Our volunteers include: Board Members; Branch Executives; Committee Members; Special Interest Group Conveners/ Reps; Working Group Members; External Representations; Reviewers; Office support volunteers etc.

Volunteers working from home

Changes in 2016 to the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011 means that ADEA, along with all other organisations, now have to consider volunteers within the definitions of this Act, who undertake work for ADEA in their home. This means there are responsibilities for both ADEA and ADEA volunteers.

Please click here to read the ‘ADEA Volunteers working from home policy‘.

Occupational Health and Safety – Useful Resources for ADEA Volunteers

The links below have been sourced to assist ADEA Volunteers ensure they are working in a safe environment when volunteering for ADEA from home.

Work Health and Safety Act 2011

Essential Guide to Work Health & Safety for Volunteers

Ergonomic guide to computer based workstations

Ergonomic workstations

Identifying Hazards