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Novo Nordisk

Logo of Novo NordiskNovo Nordisk is a focused health care company and a world leader in diabetes care. Our strong commitment to changing diabetes is reflected in our focus on research and development, our partnerships with professional and consumer organisations and our commitment to communities in the developing world through the World Diabetes Foundation.

This commitment is reflected in both our sustaining membership, and our business partnership with the ADEA. Under the Business Partnership Program, Novo Nordisk is pleased to provide financial support for the Novo Nordisk-ADEA Diabetes Educators Graduate Scholarship Program. Scholarships are available to provide financial assistance to two members of the ADEA that have successfully completed an ADEA Accredited course during the current year. The aim of these scholarships is to increase the capacity of health service providers across Australia in the provision of high quality diabetes self-management education services.

ADEA also partnered with NovoNordisk to undertake the Diabetes Referral Map project. This project was to design a referral framework within primary care and across primary and tertiary care that builds on identified existing best practice models that are transferable to other various practice and geographic environments.