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Factors that influence people with diabetes to have an annual Flu vaccination (or not)

Research project summary

This research study is designed to investigate the factors that influence people with diabetes to have, or not to have, a flu vaccination.  The research will be undertaken in three phases.  Firstly, the case notes of all people seen at one diabetes education service in one month will be retrospectively audited for evidence of Flu vaccinations.  Secondly, all clients from the case note audit will be contacted to ask them about the factors that influenced their decision to have a Flu Vaccine or not. People will also be asked if they have had the Flu, Flu like symptoms and if they were hospitalized for treatment of the Flu.  Finally, diabetes educators who are members of ADEA will be asked to complete an online survey about their approach to educating people with diabetes to have an annual Flu vaccination.

This information from these three parts of the study will provide current data about rates of Flu Vaccination, factors influencing vaccination uptake, diabetes education practices about flu vaccinations and self-reports about Flu related hospital admissions.  This information will inform the diabetes education community about education strategies, factors influencing the decisions of people with diabetes to vaccinate or not and areas to improve practices related to flu vaccination.

Research team

This research project is supported by the Sanofi Diabetes Research Grant.

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