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How would type 1 diabetes ambulatory care be different if it was consumer driven?

Research project summary

This study aims to investigate the experiences with diabetes health services and perceptions of chronic disease self-management in patients with type 1 diabetes.

The study will take a dual modality approach involving discovery interviews and focus groups. Independent researchers from INNIS Partnerships will conduct six patient interviews of one-hour duration using semi-structured interview spines. In addition, 30 patients with type 1 diabetes (and a family member/support person if desired) will participate in focus groups to facilitate an open forum of brainstorming health service delivery options to prioritise innovations or service changes deemed most important or desirable. Patients may be invited to participate in one or both of the study methodologies. Participants will be recruited from an ambulatory adult diabetes clinic and include a cross section of duration of diabetes diagnosis. The findings from this research will help to develop recommendations for sustainable innovations in diabetes management that are responsive to both consumer priorities & health service needs.

Research team

Department Nutrition and Dietetics, Princess Alexandra Hospital

This research project is supported by the Sanofi Diabetes Research Grant.

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