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The recredentialling process is for current CDEs who wish to renew their CDE status.

The following information will assist you to prepare your recredentialling application. All applications must be submitted through the online process.

Applications should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to your ADEA membership and CDE expiry date.

Maintain full ADEA Membership
Maintain eligible Primary Health Discipline Registration
Complete a minimum of 20 points of CPD

Available for download:

Step by Step Instructions and Quick Guide .

Please note: Resignations that occur prior to the completion of a membership or credentialling period will not attract a refund of fees for the period.


10 percent (10%) of applications for recredentialling are selected for auditing each year. Those selected for auditing will be notified once they commence their recredentialling application.

Failure to supply copies of evidence to support professional development (CPD) activities with the recredentialling application when selected for auditing will result in loss of CDE status.



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