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Changes to the Credentialling Program for 2017-2018


Evaluation and revision for quality improvement continues for the credentialing program.

Changes have been made to the CPD portfolio points guide following member feedback through the ADEA state branches. The below PowerPoint presentation has been provided at 2017 Branch meetings in the states and territories.

Changes to the CPD guidelines

The ADEA Board has approved the following changes to the requirements for CPD points. Credentialling applications now must include points from either ADEA developed activities or ADEA endorsed activities. The below file details the future requirements for CPD points to include endorsed activities.

Compulsory points from ADEA endorsed CPD

For information regarding the ADEA Endorsement Program and a list of endorsed courses follow this link: ADEA Endorsement Program


Audit of recredentialling applications

In 2018, the Audit of recredentialling applications will be increased to 10%. This will be an increase from the current 5%.


If you have any queries or concerns, please contact your Credentialling Committee member in your state or territory.

Alternatively you can contact the ADEA Credentialling Officer or ADEA Professional Officer at National Office.