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Private health insurance

Credentialled Diabetes Educators (CDEs) have been recognised as the appropriately qualified health care professionals to provide diabetes education to Australians with diabetes that have private health insurance.


Reimbursement for the consultation fee is only available to those who have purchased an insurance product, or a level of insurance cover, which includes ancillary services and/or services provided by allied health care professionals. Some health insurers will also allow those who are eligible to claim an annual amount of ‘health dollars’ or ‘bonus’ or ‘loyalty’ reimbursement to use this benefit for diabetes education services.

To avoid disappointment, the Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA) encourages all people with diabetes to contact their private health insurer to check if their level of insurance cover includes diabetes education prior to consulting a CDE. Some insurers do not include diabetes education in their products.

For CDEs – registering your services for private health insurance rebates

If a private health insurer includes diabetes education consultation in their packages and your client has the appropriate level of cover to receive a rebate for diabetes education, what you need to include on your tax receipt to your client is:

Your Medicare provider number and your name and address that is registered with Medicare (private health insurers use this same provider details for you as per Medicare)

The words “Diabetes Education Consultation” (there is no designated item number) and the date of the consultation.


Looking for diabetes education services?

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