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ADEA Membership

To apply for credentialling you must be a financial full member of ADEA and you must retain this membership for the credentialling period.

Initial credentialling – you can join as a student member or associate member to commence the process of credentialling, i.e. to start an ADEA mentoring partnership. Once you are ready to apply for credentialling, you must upgrade to a full membership. This will incur the usual full member fees minus what you have already paid.

If you commence your credentialling application within 5 months of your membership renewal date, you will be asked to renew your membership for the coming year. This will allow ADEA to approve your credentialling for a period of more than 12 months, rather than you be required to submit a recredentialling application on your upcoming membership renewal date in a few months time.


Recredentialling – you will first need to renew your membership each year prior to being able to start your recredentialling application. Membership renewal and starting your recredentialling application are available from your ADEA member dashboard once you login.


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