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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Record

A record of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) demonstrating activities undertaken in the 12 months prior to application is required. You can complete your CPD Portfolio from your member dashboard when you log in to the ADEA website. This will then be pre-filled into your credentialling application.  All points being claimed must be verified by way of certificate of attendance or other relevant proof of participation.

You can download the CPD Portfolio Points Guide to assist you to complete the online CPD Portfolio. You are required to submit at least 20 points of CPD activity.

When entering your CPD Activities into the online form, be sure to provide an ‘activity description’ to ensure the assessors can identify what the activity was (specific name of the activity) and how it relates to diabetes. Please do not use abbreviations. There is a textbox available to adequately describe the CPD activity you have undertaken.

For example: Activity Type: “Quality improvement activity”

Activity description: What was the quality improvement activity? How was it identified? What was the outcome? What change of practice occurred as a result.

Sample: I undertook a survey of patients that attended my diabetes clinic. I do this annually to gain regular feedback from my clientele. I have made changes to my workplace consultation time and am trialling an information sheet to gather patient data prior to the scheduled consult time.

Linking Goals, Activities and Outcomes together

There are three compulsory categories for collection of CPD points:

as well as an optional category:

Points required for each category will depend on the dominant role and scope of practice you choose: