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Eligible Primary Health Discipline

You must currently be registered/accredited to practice in one the

Applications for ADEA Board Approval of other Primary Health Disciplines

Applications are welcome from primary health discipline associations/colleges for consideration of health professional groups being eligible for ADEA credentialling as a diabetes educator in Australia, using the below information and application form.

Application for Health Disciplines Eligibility for Recognition as Credentialled Diabetes Educator

Indigenous Allied Health, Aboriginal Health Practitioners and Aboriginal Health Workers

Indigenous allied health, Indigenous enrolled nurses, Aboriginal health workers and Aboriginal health practitioners can apply for individual eligibility for CDE credentialling under a 3 year trial which commenced 1 Sep 2017, following a formal request from IAHA and NATSIHWA and consultation with the ADEA Credentialling Committee.

Download the Guidelines and Application form below:

Guidelines for the Credentialling of Indigenous health professionals

Application form for indigenous health professionals eligibility to become credentialled


For enquiries please email