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Mentoring program


The Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA) established the Mentoring Program for its members in 2008. The aim of the Mentoring Program is to support members who are striving to achieve recognition as an ADEA Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE), to support CDEs who are transitioning to a new role in diabetes education and to offer a mechanism for professional development of leadership skills for existing CDEs.

The ADEA Mentoring Program was evaluated in 2015. Click here for a summary of the findings and recommendations which were implemented in 2016.

An ADEA mentoring partnership for the initial credentialling program is a formal professional relationship between a CDE (mentor) and a diabetes educator (mentee) to promote learning and development and to assist the diabetes educator through the credentialling process. The mentoring partnership must be active for a minimum of six months and log at least 6 hours of mentoring time.
The mentoring partnership is a reciprocal relationship between both parties, with each partner bringing knowledge and skills that can be utilised to enhance the CDE role.


Quick guide to mentoring

The purpose of the quick guide is to provide a short but concise perspective to both mentees and mentors in regards to their roles and responsibilities when undertaking a mentor arrangement and what is required.



Online Mentoring Modules (Mentee/Mentor) *Click here to access the mentoring module on the Learning Management System (LMS). You will be required to create an LMS account if it is your first time logging in.


The overarching goal of the ADEA Mentoring Program is to provide a structured mentoring program that is responsive to the changing career cycles and learning needs of ADEA members. The program is tailored to the needs of geographically or professionally isolated diabetes educators, diabetes educators seeking initial credentialling or recredentialling following lapsed credentialling, and credentialled diabetes educators who are transitioning from one career phase to another. Research shows that mentoring contributes to the facilitation of producing competent and confident advanced health practitioners.

Please note:

Completion of the ‘Mentee’ E-Learning Module is compulsory for all mentees applying for initial credentialling, and experienced CDEs entering into mentoring partnerships as a mentee who have not yet completed the module.

Completion of the ‘Mentor’ E-Learning Module is compulsory for all mentors.

The modules must be revisited and completed every five (5) years.

The modules for both mentees’ and mentors’ should be completed at the beginning of your mentoring partnership or when you first become a mentor.

Mentoring Manual – a guide for both the mentor and mentee through the mentoring partnership. It is a resource of information about mentoring and aims to provide an understanding of responsibilities to successfully complete the partnership.

Person Centred Care Website and Toolkit – resources to optimise the self-management education, support and care provided to people with diabetes in their practice. Review and implementation of this information is recommended for all CDEs and may be a good discussion point for mentoring sessions.

National Competencies for Credentialled Diabetes Educator  – describes the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to effectively perform the role of a Credentialled Diabetes Educator. It should be reviewed during mentoring sessions.

Role and Scope of Practice for Credentialled Diabetes Educators in Australia – will assist discussions regarding scope of practice and building specific skills as a diabetes educator within current workplace roles.

Finding a mentor and registering a mentoring partnership


Mentors do not have to be located near your home or work. Mentors do not need to be of the same primary health discipline. Mentoring by distance and/or across health disciplines is a great way to learn and develop new skills, both for the mentee and the mentor.

A register of mentors willing to be contacted by potential mentees to undertake a mentoring partnership is available. Being a part of the public register is optional for mentors.

To find a mentor and register a mentoring partnership go to the Mentoring Register Page

Find A Mentor

In special circumstances, the Credentialling Officer at the ADEA National Office or Branch Office Bearers can assist in sourcing a mentor, but please note that this mentor must then register with the Mentoring Program by completing and lodging the online mentor registration (see below).

At completion of a mentoring partnership, all online mentoring activity must be completed by the mentee and verified by the mentor. For initial credentialling the mentee e-learning mentoring module certificate, mentoring agreement form and both the mentee and the mentor notification of completion forms must be uploaded to the online credentialling application. These forms can also be uploaded to recredentialling applications as proof of mentoring participation.

The mentoring process

Register as a Mentor

Mentors must be CDEs of at least 12 months standing and have completed the ‘Mentor’ E-Learning mentoring module (see link above).

CPD points can be claimed for participation as a mentor in a mentoring partnership registered with the ADEA Mentoring Program in accordance with the CPD Portfolio Points Guide

Mentoring Agreement

The mentoring agreement form is to be jointly completed by the mentor and the mentee. It sets out the goals and objectives of the partnership and formalises the commitment being made by both parties. The agreement should be established with the mentor and mentee meeting to discuss the goals they are hoping to achieve and will form the basis of the ongoing mentoring relationship.

The agreement form is available within the online mentoring program. To formalise this agreement and commence your mentoring partnership, it is the mentees’ responsibility to lodge the completed mentoring agreement form after both the mentee and the mentor have attended the appropriate online e-learning modules. The agreement form is submitted through the mentees ADEA member dashboard once the mentoring partnership has been established.

Completion and evaluation form for mentee

This form finalises the agreement and provides an evaluation for ADEA to monitor the effectiveness of the mentoring program. Mentees preparing to apply for initial credentialling must provide a copy of this completed form in their initial credentialling application. This form will become available through the mentoring online portal once the mentoring partnership has been completed.

Completion and evaluation form for mentor

This form finalises the agreement and provides an evaluation for ADEA to monitor the effectiveness of the mentoring program. This form will become available through the mentoring online portal once the mentoring partnership has been completed. If the mentee is applying for initial credentialling, the mentee should provide a copy of this completed form in their initial credentialling application.

For agreements entered into prior to 1st July 2016 completion forms can be obtained by emailing