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Scope of Practice


Are you a CDE or working towards becoming a CDE? Do you have concerns on what you can do and more importantly, cannot do, as a CDE? What are your legal obligations when providing diabetes education services?

Join this webinar series and interact with CDEs from different primary disciplines to understand the role and scope of practice for Credentialled Diabetes Educators in Australia.

This webinar series is designed to reflect the position of the unique and integral role of CDEs in enabling people with diabetes manage their condition and as part of the multidisciplinary diabetes care team.

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Topic Presenter(s)

Medico-legal implication of medication and insulin titration

  • Legal framework
  • Case studies
  • Q&A
Panel discussion: Experience as a CDE within a primary discipline

  • Dietitian CDE
  • Pharmacist CDE
  • Podiatrist CDE
  • Registered Nurse CDE
  • Nurse Practitioner CDE
  • Cynthia Porter (WA): Dietitian CDE
  • Nicole Frayne (WA): Pharmacist CDE
  • Olivia King (VIC): Podiatrist CDE
  • Jodine Ball (NSW): Registered Nurse CDE
  • Michelle Woods (TAS): Nurse Practitioner CDE

(*) Please note that the above time is for ACT, NSW, TAS and VIC. If you are not in this time zone, please click here to convert this time to your local time zone.

Presenters and panellists

CPD points

Completion of this webinar series allows you to claim 3 CPD points under Category 1 – Clinical Practice for your next credentialling application.


Registration rate

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