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ADEA Podcast

The ADEA Podcast highlights latest updates and research in the areas that are relevant to best practice in diabetes management, diabetes care and diabetes education.

ADEA Podcast channel is on soundcloud and can be accessed through the ADEA Learning Management System (LMS)

Listen to 3 podcasts to claim 1 ADEA CPD point. To claim CPD points and gain a certificate, ensure you log in to the ADEA LMS first.

2018 CPD Category 2 Topics:

  1. National Competencies for Credentialled Diabetes Educators (2017): An overview of the revised competencies for CDEs with Rachel Freeman
  2. How to appraise your own knowledge and skills with Racheal Critchell
  3. Understanding the difference between leadership and management and acquiring leadership skills with Dr Louise Horstmanshof
  4. Leadership in Action- A clinical perspective with Jaimee Rossborough
  5. Leadership in Action – A national perspective with Tracy Aylen
  6. Best practice policy development with Karen Crawford
  7. Clinical supervision: providing effective clinical supervision with Dr Melanie Burkhardt
  8. Cultural Competence for CDEs with Dr Sarah Abdo

2018 CPD Category 1 Topics:

  1. Difficulties in managing ongoing weight loss in people with type 2 diabetes with Dr Catherine Bacus 
  2. Medication Update SGLT2 inhibitor & DPP4i with Maxine Schlaeppi
  3. Carbohydrate Counting Methods  with Natasha Leader
  4. Carbohydrate Counting and Beyond with Dr Carmel Smart
  5. Continuous Glucose Monitoring – when to be more diligent with Carolyn Judge
  6. Continuous Glucose Monitoring – Diabetes Educators support with Amanda Bartlett
  7. The link between Diabetes and Incontinence with Gabrielle Curran

2017 Topics:

  1. Gestational diabetes with Amanda Bartlett
  2. Help me, secondary causes of diabetes (interactions of other hormones in diabetes) with Associate Professor Jerry Greenfield
  3. Diabetes education program and service needs of young adults with type 1 diabetes with Ashley Ng
  4. Continuous Glucose Monitoring with Wendy Bryant
  5. Informing older people with diabetes about glucose-lowering medicines with Professor Trisha Dunning
  6. The role of weight loss surgery in people with diabetes with Dr George Hopkins

Other podcasts available:

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