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Professional development

All members of the Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA) have access to the member section of this website and are included in our electronic updates and newsletters. Members also receive four (4) editions of the Australian Diabetes Educator (ADE) each year and access to our publications.

All members are provided with networking and professional development opportunities through local, Branch and National meetings and activities.  Membership also entitles participation in the Mentoring Program and access to networking through the Special Interest Groups. Members are eligible for registration discounts to ADEA’s National and Branch events and are also eligible to apply for travel grants and awards to undertake professional development.

Professional recognition program

The Credentialling Program is ADEA’s professional development and assurance program.  Diabetes educators who meet all the requirements of the Credentialling Program are recognised for their commitment to ongoing professional development and for their knowledge, skills, expertise and experience in the field of diabetes education by being awarded status as a Credentialled Diabetes Educators (CDE).  Credentialled Diabetes Educators are required to meet the credentialling program’s prescribed criteria annually to retain their CDE status.

ADEA Fellowship

This recognition category of longevity and experience as a Credentialled Diabetes Educator, approved by the ADEA Board in 2016 and implemented in 2017, acknowledges those CDEs who have committed to their career in diabetes education for a minimum of 15 years and have retained their CDE status over this time. For further information on ADEA Fellowship and application details, follow this link: ADEA Fellowship.


The ADEA conducts an Accreditation Program for post graduate diabetes education courses and an Endorsement Program for professional development resources and events in the specialty field of diabetes education. Accreditation and endorsement is an assurance to our members that the courses and professional development activities will meet professional standards, expectations and needs of CDE.

The ADEA acknowledges members who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in and dedication to excellence in diabetes education and care through its awards and scholarship program.

Discounted publication and resource

All members are entitled to purchase any ADEA publications at a discounted price.

Membership types

There are five (5) different types of ADEA membership. For more information about memberships and their particular benefits, please follow the link to the membership page.