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Diabetes and Natural Disasters Learning Module

Welcome to the Diabetes Management in Natural Disasters and Emergencies online learning module.

Many Australians live with chronic conditions such as diabetes. Natural disasters and emergencies such as bushfires and cyclones can have a significant impact on the health of these individuals. Even people who are normally resilient and well-versed at self-managing their condition can experience difficulties during a natural disaster or emergency, due to the interruption of their normal support systems. It is therefore important for a person with diabetes or other chronic condition to have a specific plan in place for such situations.

This two-part module is targeted at diabetes educators and other health professionals and aims to equip them to educate and support people with diabetes to manage the condition before, during and after a natural disaster or emergency.

The learning objectives of the module are:

  1. To understand the potential impact of natural disasters and emergencies on the health of people with diabetes and other chronic conditions
  2. To understand how these impacts can be mitigated through appropriate planning and preparation
  3. To understand the role of diabetes educators and other health professionals in supporting people with diabetes to prepare for and manage themselves in an emergency situation.

The module is part of a wider effort to improve preparedness and responsiveness to natural disasters, which are likely to increase in frequency and intensity in the future.

In this series, you will find the following modules:

PART 1: How do natural disasters and emergencies affect people with diabetes?

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PART 2: Preparing people with diabetes for a natural disaster and emergency

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